History of Gambling in Nigeria

Gambling, legal and illegal, is popular in Nigeria. Lack of stringent regulation and enforcement, coupled with the rise in online gambling opportunities, has resulted in increased gambling-related harm. There needs to be a multipronged public health strategy to address the harms of gambling and for this the government, gambling industry, policy makers and academic experts need to engage in a meaningful debate. Nigeria is similar to a lot of developing nations where gambling is concerned, in that while there are laws regulating betting and casino games, there is still a lot of legal issues. Nigerians love to gamble, which has been a reason for the activity to be around for such a long time. Even before the online casinos came up in 2013, but it is also very well known for its long-time love affair with gambling which mainly comprises sports betting and pools , charity-based lotteries and selected land casino games or casino lovers were there swooning over different types. There are several restrictions in place because of other religions, not allowing gambling online at any cost.

Online websites, especially European-based providers are extremely popular with Nigerians. This is mainly due to the fact that these are far safer than engaging with local bookmakers. Further, payments are secure and there is almost zero chance of fraud, given that such providers are operating legally. Additionally, Nigerian police have no jurisdiction over them as they are operating from Europe, UK or the Asia-Pacific region. All of these factors make foreign-based online betting providers extremely popular in Nigeria. Another reason for the rise of sports betting here is the local’s craze of betting on popular names of athletes. That said, the e-sports sector is also on the rise, and it is only a matter of time before it again rises at par with the regular sports betting sector. Online gambling, on the other hand, is still an open question as the laws do not mention any online gambling activities. In the absence of a clear law, all online betting and gambling activities are therefore to be considered legal. Between these and other government sanctioned betting sites their offer a wide variety of betting markets, lines and odds on local and foreign spots and the biggest benefits of Nigerian sports betting sites are that they cat6er specifically to Nigerian betting tastes, process all payments, bets and withdraws in the local currency Naira, and in some instances even allow bets to be placed over the phone. 고스톱사이트